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Code of Ethics

Our Commitment to You

As REALTORS®, meaning members of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), we subscribe to, and are held to, a high standard of performance as defined by NAR’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. 

In paraphrasing from Article 1 of the Code of Ethics – The Dean Team pledges to protect and promote the interest of our clients. This obligation to our clients is primary, but does not relieve us of the obligation to treat ALL parties honestly.

The Dean Team strives to exceed what is required or expected.

Consumer Information Statement

As Real Estate Agents in Delaware — Delaware’s Consumer Information Statement (CIS) states that — We MUST:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws, including performing the duties required of us by the statute and rules and regulations of the Delaware Real Estate Commission.
  2. Follow all other applicable laws governing fair housing and civil rights.
  3. Perform as required by the terms of any written brokerage agreement, if one exits.
  4. Exercise reasonable skill and care as a broker or salesperson.
  5. Advise you to obtain expert advice on material matters outside of our expertise.
  6. Account to you in a timely manner for all money and property received.
  7. Help to inform the parties regarding the progress of the transaction.
  8. Disclose adverse material facts or defects actually known by the broker or salesperson.
  9. Put any compensation agreement in writing.

Confidentiality Statement

The duty of confidentiality to ALL PARTIES from the moment of first contact means that we MAY NOT disclose the following information UNLESS the AFFECTED party has provided their informed consent:

  1. The buyer is willing to pay more for the property than what has been offered.
  2. The seller is willing to accept less than the asking price.
  3. The seller or buyer will agree to terms other than those offered.
  4. Any personal motivations for any party to a transaction, IF that party has requested that the information be kept confidential.
  5. Other confidential information, UNLESS disclosure is required by law, or UNLESS failure to disclose would be fraud or intentional misrepresentation.
  6. Fact or suspicions regarding circumstances which may psychologically impact or stigmatize property under Section 2930 of Title 24 of Delaware law unless by law it must be disclosed.
  7. Facts or suspicions that someone is a registered sex offender under Delaware law. Information regarding registered sex offenders is available from the Delaware State Police.

Download the complete Delaware Consumer Information Statement (CIS).

Judy Cell: (302)-236-3120

Fred Cell: (302)-236-6836

Office: (302) 645-0800